im glad english is my first language because if i had to learn it as a second language id jump off a bridge

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I think Calvin and Hobbes gets better when you’re older


My computer has also been given the green light for playing games again!  Did a round or three with sophistre after I got home which was at like five in the freaking morning.  So that was… magical.

like a unicorn

I hope you’re not implying that time with me playing video games is at any other time anything shy of being as magical as a goddamn unicorn

I just made a stupid mistake →


I weighed myself too early.

The temptation was too much to pass up as I walked by the scale, and I stepped on to find that the scale says I gained two pounds. Now I say “the scale says” because weight can fluctuate as much as two pounds on a regular basis, so I don’t hold much stock in the…

My weight can fluctuate more than 5 lbs. during the course of 24 hours as a result of food and water intake. Don’t stress it too much!

Also, here’s something I’ve learned through my own experience: tape measures are your best friend. You’re gonna go through periods where you’re building muscle (which outweighs fat by a vast amount — 4x as much!) and changing shape, and losing fat, but might be gaining weight. Scales are tricky things. Tape measures can sometimes show you progress that the scale won’t.

Right now I’m working hard on getting back into shape, mostly through lifting weights, and I don’t know if the scale has changed at all…but I’ve lost like two inches just about everywhere, and my body’s definitely changed shape. Pants are getting loose!

And more than anything, just remember that it ALL counts. Even if the scale and tape measures don’t show you anything…there is no such thing as wasted effort. :)

Responding to a comment on another site →


I don’t like to invade other Internet spaces to defend myself or UfYH when someone takes exception to the site, but I do like to address those criticisms. Like this one (I’m not identifying the source because I do not advocate invading other Internet spaces even in well-intentioned defense. I ask…

I’ve noticed something about angry responses to discussions about life improvements, whether it’s UfYH or forums about nutrition or parenting or mental health. Whatever the topic, it seems as though there are always a few people who react with surprising anger — anger so intense that they lash out at someone personally, instead of just addressing the thing that ostensibly made them angry in the first place.

Almost invariably, these people are coping with something, and then someone comes along and challenges some part of the narrative they’ve been telling themselves about how their life looks and why it looks that way.

People who are coping with things don’t like question marks. They’re suffering and they view uncertainty and the possibility of change with (understandable) terror. They have constructed a story about their own lives that’s designed to bring them peace, even if the story is one of helplessness (and sometimes especially then, as it absolves them of the momentous responsibility of change), and upending that even a little, even inadvertently, is outrageously painful for them. This can be even worse if the coping mechanism for them has boiled their options down to one particular solution — god help anybody or anything that throws that one method of coping into question. The one diet, the one habit, the one way of doing things. They will eat you alive for entertaining the possibility that things may not be that black and white…and really, can you blame them? They are people doggedly trying to carry on in the face of things that are crushing them, emotionally. They are clinging to what tools they feel they have to survive. Fight or flight is a real thing.

It’s just not personal, I think, at the end of the day. That doesn’t make it better, this kind of behavior, getting nasty and unpleasant and losing all perspective. Being made to view alternative life choices with perspective, assessing what’s out there and trying things on whenever possible, is far healthier than gripping one self-narrative with an iron fist. Sifting through information and adopting the useful parts, letting go of the rest, is how we become better people.

Don’t feel badly about this kind of reaction to your help. It’s not founded in logic, it’s based in emotion, and emotions connected to a thousand things that aren’t you. Without putting that stuff out there for people to examine and try on, so many people would be so much poorer as a result — but just the very act of doing that, of saying something as logical and unarguable as ‘nothing is hopeless, you can begin with five minutes, and if you can’t begin with five minutes you can begin with one minute, thirty seconds, five seconds, and that’s fine…but your five seconds will count, everything will count, it’s all a victory’ — well, there are going to be people whose response is a five-alarm panic. The possibility of change and improvement, even the possibility of success, and the terror of that responsibility are sometimes going to be inevitable…and also not yours to own.

I always see people baffled by these responses. There are so many FAQs, so many posts that clarify your completely reasonable, compassionate stance about doing what an individual can…shouldn’t that deter this kind of thing?

Probably won’t. Not from what I’ve seen on other corners of the internet. People will defend those narratives to the bitter, nonsensical end, and they won’t change them until they’re sick to death of them and don’t really believe them anymore, anyway. All you can do, until then, is give them the option.

Which you do. :)