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Scorodite, Karibibite  

Rare combo of lustrous scorodite crystals with yellow karibibite on matrix. Nice contrast.

Anonymous asked: I know it's not my business but i seriously don't get why people come to your page on anon and try to tear you down. Like I understand their shitty little people who wanna make happy people feel shitty but I mean, specifically with you, what do they hope to achieve? Just to FIND the answer to their own anon hate they have to scroll past pages of fan mail and ppl coming to you for advice. Sprinkled with other identicle shitstains you tore a new one. Like...why would they expect it to work?


I dunno dude, I have no idea, like it’s pretty fucking hard to get to me, I’m pretty sure at this point, impossible. What they want is hoping some type jab is gonna get to me, but it’s like, nah, why? Why do you matter? And they never have an answer, they never have anything, because they somehow managed to be a physical nothing. 

They do it for the same reason a lot of them impulsively send praise. …Which is not to say that the praise isn’t deserved, or whatever; don’t get me wrong, that’s not what I’m saying at all. I have no opinion about that.

What I’m saying is that strong, unapologetic personalities burn with an intensity that fascinates other human beings. Just the sight of someone living for themselves without shame or submission to the opinions of others is enough to sweep some people up in the energy of that existence. Sometimes they reach out because they want to be acknowledged by it, or gain the approval of the person who does it — as though some of that strength of character is conferred on them, by association in the exchange — and sometimes the only thing they can do is attack it, because it makes them feel terrible about the inability to do that, themselves. 

There are other shades of impulse in there, of course, but you can see people react that way to others pretty reliably. It’s fascinating. (And probably exhausting.)

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Zeille, a Chiss lightsaber-slinging Justicar for an au Star Wars MUSH, for sophistre

Anonymous asked: if you cropped out your name would you be willing to post more of your old work? :-0





this is all really old 

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Shiny silver Dyscrasite crystals with Allergentum in Calcite from Morocco